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L-Aspartic acid

L-Aspartic acid is one of the twenty most common natural amino acids found in proteins of all living organisms on Earth. This amino acid does not belong to indispensable amino acids, but is of great importance in mammals metabolism, in particular, in nitrogen metabolism, biosynthesis of number of amino and nucleic acids.

Main consumers of L-aspartic acid are food and pharmaceutical industries.

Aspartic acid production processes

Jointly with State research institute Genetika (Moscow), ZAO Bioamid developed the biocatalytic process for production of L-aspartic acid from ammonium fumarate. State research institute Genetika developed the mutant strain E.coli VKPM 7188 having high level of aspartase activity. A unique method of bacterial cell culture using such a low-priced and easily accessible raw material as acetic acid was jointly developed. A method of immobilization of bacterial cells at polymer support and a technology for recovery of Pharmacopoeia grade purified L-aspartic acid were developed.

This technology is implemented in pharmaceutical factories of Russia and Belarus.