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Chemical Industry

The company was the first in Russia that has developed the industrial biotechnologic process of preparation of acrylamide, which was the large-scale produced monomer used in synthesis of polymers for water treatment and purification, oil industry, coal production, mining and chemical industry, metallurgy, paper-and-pulp and wood-working industries; energetics, biology, pharmacology, and agriculture. Biotechnologic process for production of acrylamide (Russian patents 1811698, 2077588, 2146291) was implemented at six large-scale chemical enterprises of the Russian Federation, and it was awarded the Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology in 1995. ZAO Bioamid is the only Russian supplier of the biocatalyst for this process.

Specialists of Bioamid were the first in the world who has developed the industrial biotechnology for production of acrylic acid, which was used as the initial monomer in synthesis of different polymers. Purity and quality of this monomer make it possible to synthesize polymers possessing the predetermined properties. Polymers of acrylic acid are used in wastewater treatment and concentration of coal slurry in concentrating mills, and also for strengthening the surface of mining dumps to prevent their wind erosion and ablation. Some hydrophilic films, sound and electric insulating materials, different adhesive compositions, acrylic emulsions and paints are produced on the base of acrylic acid. Aqueous solutions of polyacrylic acid are used for thickening of latex systems and dust inhibition. ZAO Bioamid is the only Russian supplier of the biocatalyst for this process (Russian patent 2177034).